This module is no longer supported as of 1st February 2024.

Please download and use at your own discretion.
Ricoh SAP Device Types for Barcode & OCR Package

Ricoh offers the optional Barcode & OCR Package for SAP system. This package includes PCL 5 font support for the most popular Barcode symbologies and OCR fonts.
Ricoh SAP Device Types for Barcode & OCR package allow the utilization of this option as well as available printing features on Ricoh MFPs and printers.

Download Contents:
1. Device Type for Barcode & OCR package (Latin-1)
2. ABAP-based Barcode Conversion Program (BCP)
3. Sample SAPscript Code :
-This can be used to test if the Barcode Conversion Program and Device Type Print controls work correctly, and also as a template for the typical Barcode Conversion Program call sequence needed.
4. Font Test Files
5. Customer Documentation for Barcode & OCR Package :
*User's Manual
*Technical Reference Manual - Barcode & OCR Printing
*Volume 1 (ReadMe)
*Volume 2 (Installation & Configuration / Troubleshooting & Support / Features supported / Formats, Print Controls, Fonts, Cover Page / Limitations)
*Volume 2B (Barcode & OCR Printing)
*Volume 3 (Specific Information of Devices)
*Download components do not include actual font package. Please contact your authorized reseller to purchase the font package.
* Barcode & OCR Package related programs run only with the fonts that we provide.
* Please upgrade your printer controller firmware to the latest version.

Ricoh SAP Device Types are not supported by SAP. They are Ricoh original and old type Device Types. If you download Ricoh SAP Device Types, please click the "Accept" button to proceed.