PANTONE® Color Palettes for this printer

• Supported Printer Language:   PostScript 3
• Proper Settings:See Proper Settings.txt file included in the downloadable file.

• Supported application:
Color palettes are available for the following applications:
- For Windows:

- For Macintosh:
• Installation Instruction:
Instruction manuals for installation and use of these color palettes are included in the downloadable files.
For more detailed information about installation and usage of the color palettes with specific applications,
refer to the operation manuals for that application.

• PANTONE® Calibrated Color Charts:
If the application you wish to load the color palettes into is not listed, you may still incorporate them
by using the appropriate color chart format. For this purpose, color charts are available in EPS, TIFF and Acrobat PDF.
In order to incorporate these palettes, the application must have the capability of loading specific colors
into the application's color palettes.

• Text File (ASCII-format):
For applications that do not support color palettes or color charts, a text file is available.
This file specifies the CMYK values associated with each PANTONE® Color for this printer so that
the values may be manually entered.

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